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Enjoy a nice bubble bath after a long day with these relaxing bath salts scented with pure essential oils. Our bath salts use Magnesium chloride flakes instead of the more common Epsom salt as Magnesium chloride absorbs more easily and as a result provides more concentrated bio-available magnesium into the body. It also creates more intense and longer-lasting effects as it works its magic to relax your muscles and lower stress.


Castile soap is mixed in with essential oils prior to adding them to our bath salts so as to ensure proper dispersion of essential oils in your bath.


Each pouch contains 180g - 6.3oz of bath salts.


Ingredients : Magnesium chloride flakes, pink Himalayan salt, unscented castile soap, essential oils of: ylang ylang, lavender & bergamot, dried flowers.


Made with love in Ireland

"Pure Bliss" bath salts

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