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This luxurious shampoo is made with locally sourced Irish honey and six different oils and butters in order to create a perfectly balanced shampoo that will provide plenty of bubbles to cleanse but also be gentle enough to avoid drying out the hair. It is scented with cinnamon, clove and sweet vanilla beans and can be used followed by your favourite hair conditioner and normal styling routine. An apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse can be done afterwards (before applying hair conditioner) to help strengthen hair and improve luster by lowering hair and scalp pH. Make sure to properly dilute the ACV rinse first at a ratio of 1:5  (1 part ACV to 5 parts water).


Ingredients : Saponified oils of: Sunflower, coconut, olive, tallow, castor, shea butter + distilled water, Irish honey, essential oils of: vanilla, cinnamon & clove.


Made with love in Ireland

Rosie's Shampoo bar

  • This 100% natural shampoo is handmade in small batches using natural ingredients thus colour(s) and pattern(s) can slightly differ from batch to batch.

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