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About the brand

Behind the brand

My name is Julia and I am passionate about making beauty products.  I like to use natural and locally produced ingredients to remain as sustainable as possible.  Before I changed career to study aromatherapy, horticulture and learn how to make skincare products,  I used to work as a Computer Graphic Designer and so I have enjoyed designing and building every aspect of the Killenvoy Farm brand.

I created Killenvoy Farm products with the wish to provide people with quality natural but also affordable skincare products as I felt the current market mainly offered expensive natural skincare. I also wanted to inspire other mothers out there and show that it is possible for them to start up their own business and share their passion with people.  I hope you enjoy Killenvoy Farm products and know that by doing so you are supporting a local family business which truly cares for you.  :-)

Why choose Killenvoy Farm products?

Killenvoy Farm products are handcrafted in small batches using the best natural ingredients available and do not contain any harmful chemicals. I create and produce simple but efficacious skincare recipes based on customers' feedback and people's needs in general.  I also like to infuse commonly found medicinal plants to create traditional recipes to help and support the body naturally.  I have always believed that most commonly needed skincare products did not require to contain harmful chemicals in order to perform and today I'm delighted to present products to you that I have used on myself and my family successfully for years. 


Where can I buy Killenvoy Farm products?

Killenvoy Farm products are available via orders through this website and in the following shops :

"Au Naturel" (Athlone)

"Au Naturel" (Roscommon)  ***New!

"Lowe & Co." (Athlone)

"Dooley's" (Athlone)

"Castlemine Farm Shop" (Roscommon)

"Ros Clay Pottery Studio" (Roscommon)

What customers have to say about Killenvoy Farm products...

Roxanne B., Co. Kildare

"I have been using Julia's wide variety of soaps for a year and I cannot say enough good about them! They are so natural, gentle and smell amazing.
They make perfect gifts too!
Also, Julia is very diligent about shipping her orders out on time and I'm never left waiting long for my soaps to arrive."

Rob B., Co. Wexford

"I've tried many different brands of natural products over the last 15 years but I've never been more impressed than I am by Killenvoy Farm products. Julia's soaps are creamy, luxurious and the lather from them is better than any natural alternative I've tried. The deodorant works a treat and smells great!"

Pauline F., Co. Westmeath

"I love these soap bars! They're all made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, you can really smell the essential oils, and my skin feels soft and nourished after using them. The bars last a long time too compared to industrial soaps."

Laura K., Co. Westmeath

"Julia's soaps are a work of art in appearance and branding.They make a beautiful gift. I have used her soaps for a year now. They hold together well compared to other handmade soaps and bring joy activating the senses with nature's aromas when lathered on the skin - adding a freshness to the start of my day. I like trying a new scent when I have to get a new one."
"I'm really impressed by the unique selection of soaps Killenvoy Farm offers.  Everyone I gifted the soaps to was delighted with them. I particularly like the deodorant for men as it really works".

Jackie T., Co. Wexford

"I'm so delighted with Killenvoy Farm's soaps and other products. The soaps are beyond gorgeous - just lovely. I had intended to give them as presents but going to keep them all for myself! It's reasonably priced and the delivery is very prompt."

Anthony W., Co. Galway

Lowe & Co. Farm Shop & Smallholding, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 22-28-14re2.jpg

Au Naturel. Health Shop, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 22-28-14rere.jpg

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